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Voice Of The Harp Limited - Harp Students


Miss Constance Tsang has been my daughter Kelly Kwok's harp teacher for eight years. Miss Tsang is a very devoted teacher and her relationship with Kelly is not only teacher but also as a friend and mentor.

Kelly benefited tremendously from Miss Tsang, her harp examination results were all "Distinction" and grade 8 "Merit". She learned how to discipline herself in practising the harp and also learned to use harp to serve Our Heavenly Father at church. She also played for charity under the influence and arrangements by Miss Tsang.

Mrs Kwok


Ms Constance is a passionate music teacher. To my two girls: Jiawei and Jiawen, she has shown great patience and understanding to bring them to where they are now. I would like Ms Constance continues to teach them and instill the correct attitude of harp playing and appreciation.

Mrs Wang



My daughter has spent 3 years of wondrous moments nurtured in Teacher Constance’s love and guidance. As Nikos Kazantzakis said– “Ideal teachers are those who use themselves as bridges over which they invite their students to cross, then having facilitated their crossing, joyfully collapse, encouraging them to create bridges of their own.” Teacher Constance persistently assisted all her students by breaking through established patterns to providing joyous and interest to every learning moments; I still recall Hitomi leaping over her tiny body at the age of 3  to one side of the harp trying to reach the lower strings with both hands while she plays a difficult tune, it’s a blessing to see how she learns creatively as she becomes more assertive in her harp learnings today!


Mrs Yip


Constance has shown great devotion to harp teaching. Her dedication and passion have inspired immense love of music among her students. The founding of Blessed Harmony in offering underprivileged students the chance to learn and appreciate music is a very meaningful deed. We wish Constance every success in her music mission.

Mr and Mrs Lo




Mrs Leung




曾老師是一位熱愛音樂、熱愛藝術的表演者,她更是一位充滿熱誠用心培育下一代的好老師。我倆位囝仔跟隨曾老師學習豎琴,不但學習很多音樂知識,而且還能夠參與不同類型公開表演,增加對音樂興趣及視野,獲益良多。最珍貴的是從曾老師身上學習到對音樂認真態度及執著,她成為我倆位囝仔生命中一位非常重要的學習榜樣 。

Mrs Kung

Harp is a beautiful instrument with angelic sounds but it is even more beautiful when it comes from a pure heart. Constance has that. Her love for the harp and her desire to instill a passion for the instrument into her students is inspiring. She has been incredibly patient, kind and nurturing towards my daughter Katie. Constance has a desire to bless others with charity performances which is great for her students and again, shows you who Constance is as a person. I highly recommend Constance and her new school and wish her all the best.

Mrs Eu


Constance has been the harp teacher of my daughter, Eunice since Grade 1 till now, attained Grade 8 with merit.   In spite of upcoming school examinations and public examinations, Eunice insists to continue her class with Constance.  Simple enough, because Constance is the teacher.   I still remember the tender care and patience of Constance for little Eunice years ago when she first started to learn the instrument.  Constance is more than a harp teacher, but also a coach for music appreciation, personality development and wellbeing.   I am particularly impressed by her commitment to bring music to charity and to those who may not be as privileged.   This is the biggest value that Eunice learns from her.   It is most fortunate to have Constance as Eunice’s harp teacher.

Mrs Chan


Ms Tsang has been teaching my son and daughter harp lessons for over 7 years. During that time, I have gotten to know Ms Tsang quite well and can thoroughly vouch for her character and abilities.


My children enjoy very much learning harp from Ms Tsang, her pleasantness, patience and positive attitude have made learning harp fun and interesting.


During lessons, Ms Tsang always takes the initiative to make sure her teaching is done exceptionally well. She also made sure she is thoroughly prepared and keeps the children engaged and motivated. Due to her love of music and determination to spread her passion, she also teaches the children the importance of understanding, appreciation for music and the instrument.


Mr Lo

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