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Private Harp Lessons
Private Harp Instruction


For those wishing to learn casually or for the purpose of exam, individual lessons are absolutely crucial to advance harp students' fundamental techniques.


Our instructors are happy to work with casual learners set and acheive goals with the pieces of the harpists chosing.


Of course, our instructors are extensively experienced in guiding students through the ranks of the ABRSM, Trinity Guildhall and VMEB curriculums as well.


Although individual lessons are crucial for a musicians personal development, group lessons offer aspiring musicians an entirely new set of essential experiences.  There are many wonderful sounds characteristic to different instruments, however the unity and harmonies of several instruments creates an entirely different effect.


Ensemble and chamber lessons help students develop crucial skills necessary to collaborate and play with other aspiring musicians.


For the more ambitious ensemble/chamber groups, we also offer training for ensemble ABRSM examination!


Chamber Music Lesson
Chamber Music Lessons
Chamber Music Lessons
Chamber Music Lessons
Music Programs - Harp and Others

Advanced Programs


For those who are looking for more, we offer advanved programs in order to assist all harpists no matter what the goal may be.


For those parents who wish to be more involved in their child’s development, we offer our Parent Participation Program.  The purpose of this program is not only the development of the child, but also for the parent.  This has proven tremendously helpful for those parents who wish to be a part of their child’s development by understanding their child’s hardships and conquering them together.


Our Teacher Program offers special training to harpists who look forward to someday becoming an instructor themselves.


A Mentorship Program is available to those who are looking for all around musicianship development.




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